Disney’s Frozen Olaf Cake!


To be honest, I never really knew how to interact with kids until my nieces came along, namely my first – Megan (aka Meg Pie). On a random side note, I’ve recently been told by a line manager that he felt he couldn’t trust a candidate because she kept on saying “to be honest” whereby my manager then points to me and said SHE SAYS IT ALL THE TIME!! For those of you that don’t know, I’m in the recruitment business and combined with my Psych background, I’m always keeping my ears open on these little things that makes people jump to conclusions. Yes, you shouldn’t but we really all do!

RIGHT, that was totally my ADHD moment kicking in so back to CAKE. It’s Meg Pie’s 5th birthday and this year she has requested for an Olaf cake. She’s into a blue phase (after the pink phase, of course) so this fits in just right.

This is my first attempt at making a 2 tier cake and I was told (by the cake supplies store lady) that since the cake is relatively small (9” and 6”) that I can simply buttercream the layers, drape it with fondant, stack em’ and call it a day.


So, since working in Hong Kong doesn’t come equip with short hours and long with trying to fit in my yoga and body combat sessions (yes, need to burn off the cake!) and getting together with friends (yes, happy hours are my thang), I went for a simple vanilla cake, easy buttercream frosting and store-bought white fondant (using food colouring) for the decorations. My inspiration for Olaf came here.


It went perfectly along with the rest of the Halloween-themed party – enjoy!



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