♥ Happy Birthday Daddy ♥

Another October baby: my daddy! Well, actually it’s also my sister’s and my niece’s birthday next week but both are not in town to celebrate 😦

I’m loving the techniques and recipes I learned during my cake class and am looking for to the next one next month! Had to miss a couple though due to eye surgery but I highly recommend the Wilton class books AND their ultimate kit. It’s keeps everything in place and it has everything you will need for cake decorating and so much more!

So as requested by the birthday “boy”, chocolate cake was the way to go and for simplicity, I used a caramel vanilla pudding for the filling. Using the previously learned technique of piping a dam to contain the filling, I was able to pack in 1.5 containers of pudding in (and of course I welcome the leftover half 🙂 )

For the frosting, I went for the classic buttercream frosting making alterations for a thiner recipe for the actually cake frosting, writing on cake and the leaves. With a bit more icing sugar, I went up to a medium consistency frosting and used that for my drop flower decorations on the sides (note: you can make them ahead of time on parchment paper, let dry at room temperature and then stick them on!) and for the bordering of the cake. For the final top roses, I went with a stiff consistency frosting to ensure they maintain their shape. Tip is to add meringue powder to the frosting (as instructed in the recipe) as this makes for an icing that holds up better.

I admit, I tend to get crazy and over-decorate when I’m in my zone, so hence the crazy border on the side…!

Between the four of us, we were able to devour almost half of this 9″ double layer cake, which means more cake for breakfast tomorrow. Muahahahahahahahaha


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