Vanilla Fishy Cake with Lemon Custard

OK, so it’s really a vanilla cake. But with a fish on it = Vanilla Fishy Cake. Just in case for those of you that were like WTF.

So, my 2 hour cake lesson has finished! I’ve signed up for some cake decorating classes to learn some more of the basics of decorating and so far, I’m loving it! So I prepared a vanilla cake at home and some homemade lemon curd along with a thin consistency frosting for icing the cake and a medium consistency frosting for the decorations (never knew I needed different consistencies!!)

Also, a couple neat tricks is that when you bake the cake, you can wrap a damp cloth around the pan as this will create an evenly-baked cake as supposed to a dome-shaped cake. The logic behind it is that usually when the cake bakes, the heat comes from the sides and bottom of the pan and hence, the batter rises up in the middle. BUT with the damp cloth around it, heat spreads evenly and you will end up with a lovely even cake 🙂

Next trick is for the filling. I’ve had moments where my filling literally leaks out of my cake and it’s just a delicious mess. But if you use some frosting and just rim the cake creating a dam, THEN put the filling in the middle, it just sits there nice and neat.

After the filling and frosting, the remainder of the class was to decorate the cake. I chose a fish and I simply stenciled it out on wax paper, outlined it with gel icing and then flipped it onto my cake. Just brush out the outline and peel and viola! You can the outline on the cake as a basis for you frost! Due to the time limit of the class (and really, the size of the table was way too small a work area for me, considering the way I work= messy), so I limited myself to only a couple of colors.

It’s now almost 11:00pm and I’m having a piece of this fish cake and what can I say? I LOVE THURSDAY CAKE CLASS NIGHTS NOW 🙂
Note to self: Must load on the lemon custard next time!!!


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