Congratulations C&J!! Project Wedding Cupcakes: Chocolate & Vanilla Coconut Bliss


Project #2: Wedding Cupcakes!

So, if you’ve been following, I’ve said YES to baking some cupcakes for my sister’s wedding…so we’re talking around 90 – 100 cupcakes total and I couldn’t be happier to do so! Since her favorite flavor is all things choco, I’ve decided to go with half half along with traditional vanilla. I used simple cake mix due to the time limit and quantity so that I can save more time for the decorating bit (unfortunately..not that it’s anything bad but I always prefer to bake things from scratch!). I found these super cute pink striped cupcake liners from Martha Stewart and knew I had to keep the frosting simple and elegant in order to keep to a clean wedding theme.


I made MANY times the vanilla buttercream recipe and added around 6 drops of green food coloring to achieve a pastel sea-foamy green which was the main theme color of the wedding.


Using a star-shape head, I piped out little flowers resembling small bouquets around the cupcakes and building up to the middle to create a peak. Then to keep to a simple theme, I sprinkled on some shredded coconut to put it off. A short trip to Michaels Craft Store and I found myself coming out with an adorably sweet wedding cake topper that I used for the top of the cupcake stand.



Although some cupcakes were ruined during the delivery stage, I’m so happy to have been able to (semi) pull this off and I can’t wait to do more projects like these!



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